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Observe the setting sun light the Russian snow and they say "wha thave you done?" Well, I'll tell you what I know Peace Is Hard because you can't turn swords back into plows now Peace is Hard though the fight is over, the battle's never done Do I raise my glass for the old man whose struggle has fallen from favor? and they say "look what you've done!" But I see in those child's eyes set in an ancient face that the words of the masters are often honey-sweet, complement the bitter taste of what we love Why does the Lord keep me alive when my struggle is done? I say "how can you ask a child?" Maybe you still got some pull, 'cause he's sure forgotten me we soak rye seeds in cheap vodka and lay you to rest
Cutthroats 03:52
I never thought my life would be a battle trying to make myself free Show me what is different - telling me that it's not safe to turn off to their intentions: buying, selling, buy it up, sell it up I gotta say I don't trust you - or anyone - selling me the blueprints of a better world As insanity sets in: a vision of a mother with foreign tongue clinging to what is most precious (Buying, selling information) Buying what your selling at the sharpened end of your intentions We don't want to be cells in this organism Fight to make it automatic, fight to make it democratic; the point is that you fight - ambition will never beget compassion When the (electric) impulse calls us to action, we say no! No! No! No! No! With a blade above my wrist, I declare my intentions The documents passed under the table have turned us cancerous Let the blue and white blood flow, as the tick-tock clock ticks us tales of your conviction Cutthroats set sail on benign waters of indifference I never thought my life would be a battle trying to make myself free I see a sail set at half-mast; set a course for the new world, show me what is different Don't tell the children where I've gone
Anyone can see the writing on the wall but whose got the guts to pick up a spray can? Don't lose heart; never let the dream die: these are empty sentiments, but what do they hide? The coming of an age Tell me, who will refuse to recognise a new class system? They don't look for color - they attack they way I live Almost respectable - the way they hate Prioritize fears, classify peers Fashion is insecurity - what does it hide? Money buys fashion, fashion's what you see We don't want to judge, but how off are we? Complacency of convenience? I must be blind to the difference. Don't talk to strangers, but how strange are they? The ties that bind are now only for the secure. There's the path of the many and the few, separated by wealth and choice what does it hide? The coming of a new age!
I've seen so many takers so many smiling fakers future movers and shakers preach loudest, and then betray us Police batons have struck my head broken commandments provide my bread With just a love of hopeless causes: a dream of a world without bosses We're no longer paying for their crimes Hidden within their nerve gas behind their pepper spray tanks in shields of bullet-proof glass is a war that is based on class Marginalised, voices silenced Property damage is not violence We must protest, must survive resist to stay alive We're no longer paying for their crimes They market their methods by playing on the emotions of those they intend to rule: I will not be ruled. Work won't make you free.
Winter Song 04:34
All of the world every bone a selfish bone, every souls a selfish soul A taste of snow the material world is a place for a home I don't know where do you think you're gunna go without charity in your heart? Be confident; everything is fine oh yeah? when's the last time you were up on the welfare line or wiping a tear from a young child's face, starving for some food and affection? Where does the optimist train let you off that this sort of injustice is alright? People are cold but your bass is kicking warm in your brand new car stereo Stories are told but the events don't make the people feel, they're waiting for the films to appear Your rights are sold to the highest bidder on the corporate auction block, ya know But their plight no man, it's old it's a third world lost for a war with nature to be won What did you learn that I don't know that makes you feel like everything in here is alright? Jesus has told let he without sin cast the first stone At the rate we go let the last man standing have a quarry for a throne Christmas can go back to the pagan church and Hallmark - where it belongs and you icon Christ tell your deadbeat dad to take care of his kids I don't know what to think of you people I try to live with charity in my soul but it's hard when you spit in my face based on you moralist judgements your fraudulent god blackmailed you into kindness
Put on your dancing shoes Stand up and be noticed Explore the vast array of solutions we can provide Fits in your pocket! For home or office! Because when your asleep, the competition isn't; they're preparing for battle! And it's gunna be a war, so we're leasing you the best You better stay sharp man, you gotta stay alert now: we'll talk about flowcharts we'll talk about danger! Danger! Who's watching over you network? While you're gone the servers night go down! We know the code, and you know that we're coming! Please, put on your seatbelts for the crash. Danger! Danger! Twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five keeping you connected to the central database Danger! Danger! Twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five the Culture of Speed can't keep a steady beat * * * What do you work for? Fat pockets and a cozy life for yourRING-A-LING-A-LINGexcuse me dear, you know I love you, but i gotta take this in the other room I do it for us, but really for them In the other room it never stops "The cool breeze in your hair makes it dance, and sun freckles your face, and I remember why I fell in love with you..." "the simple life..." "I wish it would never end!" Then it's back to the office, wear the yoke for the bosses! Phosphor burns the back of my retinas Substance, coax my synapse to fire Tar-stained fingers blur their patterns at the sound of Pavlovian bells Serviced like a car check my levels, fill my head with dreams of other lives I won't see that I am not the master of my time What do you work for? Live for? Die for? Work for? Try for? Fall of the bow, and you'll regret weighing down your pockets What do you work for? Live for? Die for? Work for? Try for? If not to be the master of your time? Danger! Danger! Twenty-four-seven back-to-back, you're gunna get a heart attack! Danger! Danger! Don't run so fast on the pavement, you'll only wear out your sole. Danger! Danger! I'm tellin' you man, it never stops.
It's a mission to wake it up and get it through to the people that what I feel doesn't come from some kind of special knowledge or understanding, but from wanting to know and trying to understand; people are dying... Democracy is the coating of the pill that we swallow; symptomatic relief of a realisation that the free market don't equal freedom. A choice to live is a choice to live apart People are dying - they want a revolution Any-ism: answers can't be found in the words of another Blame the system: everyone is their own worst oppressor If if feel that my freedom can be given back, I must admit I've allowed it to be taken relinquish power, abolish control People are dying - they want a revolution A vision of a world the way it was 'meant to be' is likely to contradict any reason I have hope When is a government responsible to the people who've got something to say? People are dying, they want a revolution!


released October 10, 2006

Russell Golden: vocals, guitar
Chris Pothier: bass, vocals (4,8)
Mike Walker: percussion

engineered by Chris 'Gobo' Pierce
recorded at Technical Ecstasy in New Brunswick, NJ
mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

copyright 2006 Dread Fabrik under license to M-26-7 Music


all rights reserved



Dread Fabrik New Jersey

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