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I never thought my life would be a battle trying to make myself free
Show me what is different - telling me that it's not safe to turn off to their intentions:
buying, selling, buy it up, sell it up

I gotta say I don't trust you - or anyone - selling me the blueprints of a better world
As insanity sets in: a vision of a mother with foreign tongue clinging to what is most precious

(Buying, selling information)
Buying what your selling at the sharpened end of your intentions
We don't want to be cells in this organism
Fight to make it automatic, fight to make it democratic;
the point is that you fight - ambition will never beget compassion
When the (electric) impulse calls us to action, we say no!
No! No! No! No!

With a blade above my wrist, I declare my intentions
The documents passed under the table have turned us cancerous
Let the blue and white blood flow, as the tick-tock clock ticks us tales of your conviction

Cutthroats set sail on benign waters of indifference

I never thought my life would be a battle trying to make myself free
I see a sail set at half-mast; set a course for the new world, show me what is different

Don't tell the children where I've gone


from Dread Fabrik, released October 10, 2006



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Dread Fabrik New Jersey

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