Winter Song

from by Dread Fabrik

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All of the world
every bone a selfish bone, every souls a selfish soul
A taste of snow
the material world is a place for a home
I don't know
where do you think you're gunna go without charity in your heart?
Be confident; everything is fine
oh yeah? when's the last time you were up on the welfare line or
wiping a tear from a young child's face, starving for some food and affection?
Where does the optimist train let you off that this sort of injustice is alright?

People are cold
but your bass is kicking warm in your brand new car stereo
Stories are told
but the events don't make the people feel, they're waiting for the films to appear
Your rights are sold
to the highest bidder on the corporate auction block, ya know
But their plight
no man, it's old
it's a third world lost for a war with nature to be won

What did you learn that I don't know that makes you feel like everything in here is alright?

Jesus has told
let he without sin cast the first stone
At the rate we go
let the last man standing have a quarry for a throne
Christmas can go
back to the pagan church and Hallmark - where it belongs
and you icon
tell your deadbeat dad to take care of his kids

I don't know what to think of you people
I try to live with charity in my soul
but it's hard when you spit in my face
based on you moralist judgements

your fraudulent god blackmailed you into kindness


from Dread Fabrik, released October 10, 2006



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Dread Fabrik New Jersey

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