The Culture of Speed

from by Dread Fabrik

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Put on your dancing shoes
Stand up and be noticed

Explore the vast array of solutions we can provide
Fits in your pocket! For home or office!
Because when your asleep, the competition isn't;
they're preparing for battle!
And it's gunna be a war, so we're leasing you the best
You better stay sharp man, you gotta stay alert now:
we'll talk about flowcharts
we'll talk about danger!

Who's watching over you network?
While you're gone the servers night go down!

We know the code, and you know that we're coming!
Please, put on your seatbelts for the crash.

Danger! Danger! Twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five
keeping you connected to the central database
Danger! Danger! Twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five
the Culture of Speed can't keep a steady beat

* * *

What do you work for? Fat pockets and a cozy life for yourRING-A-LING-A-LINGexcuse me dear, you know I love you, but i gotta take this
in the other room
I do it for us, but really for them
In the other room
it never stops

"The cool breeze in your hair makes it dance, and sun freckles your face, and I remember why I fell in love with you..."
"the simple life..."
"I wish it would never end!"
Then it's back to the office, wear the yoke for the bosses!

Phosphor burns the back of my retinas
Substance, coax my synapse to fire
Tar-stained fingers blur their patterns
at the sound of Pavlovian bells

Serviced like a car
check my levels, fill my head with
dreams of other lives
I won't see that I am not the master of my time

What do you work for? Live for? Die for? Work for? Try for?
Fall of the bow, and you'll regret weighing down your pockets
What do you work for? Live for? Die for? Work for? Try for?
If not to be the master of your time?

Danger! Danger!
Twenty-four-seven back-to-back, you're gunna get a heart attack!
Danger! Danger!
Don't run so fast on the pavement, you'll only wear out your sole.
Danger! Danger!
I'm tellin' you man, it never stops.


from Dread Fabrik, released October 10, 2006



all rights reserved


Dread Fabrik New Jersey

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